Foodie Facades?

If you’re like me, you could spend hours online hopping from one food blog to the next, bookmarking each tantalizing recipe that you know you can’t make now because there is simply not time (albeit you’ve been online for an hour). If you’re like me, you’re deeply skeptical of all these foodies. While drooling over ratatouille tarts and ranch rugelach, I wonder, “What do these people really eat?!?” You know, when they’re not trying to impress their viewers.  Do they actually pull of the impossible and feast like royalty each day of the week?

The answer is no. And yes. Of course foodies don’t spend hours cooking each meal. Like all you people who love LeanCuisine (ahem, Kendall), we also enjoy instant gratification.  But to jump to the heart of the matter, we (maybe I should be using “I” statements) are snobs, which means that even when we’re on the go, we want something creative and made with fresh ingredients.

I want to stay true to the original promise that I made you—to explore vegetarian cuisine. However, I also want to be practical. This week I shall embark on a series in which I show you what I eat when I have little time to prepare, consume, and clean (well, probably not that last part).

so few ingredients required

To start, I bring you the unda-style quesadilla, inspired by 101 Cookbooks: Mine is simpler than hers, but that is precisely the point I am trying to make.  I am out of capers, so instead I sautéed some red onions and garlic (shocker). Instead of using a corn tortilla, I used a flour tortilla. Be bold with your modifications and don’t be scared to use the ingredients that you have in your fridge if they can be substituted for ones in the recipe. I mean, maybe you have crème fraiche in your fridge, but I don’t.

Brianna’s Unda-Style Quesadilla:

one egg

one flour tortilla

one garlic clove, chopped

a little bit of red onion, chopped

tiny bit of grated Dubliner’s cheese

half an avocado, mashed

Follow her directions 🙂

The best thing about this quesadilla is the protein kick that the egg provides for vegetarians. The flavor of the egg is spread over the entire quesadilla, and it’s lovely.

More simplicity to come. B.




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2 responses to “Foodie Facades?

  1. Kendall Lasher

    Thanks for that condescending shout out. What do you mean by ‘you people?’

    I’m boycotting this blog

  2. Emily H

    This looks amazing! I probably eat eggs once a day, definitely every other day, but it never looks quite that beautiful. mmmmm I will attempt this.

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